Universal Studio in Roblox | Introduction to Roblox Theme Park Overview

Welcome to Roblox Theme Park Overview. This show will unlock the mystery and adventure of many Roblox Theme Park experiences, from attractions and entertainment to honest reactions about the Roblox Theme Park as a whole. We hope to give insight into the variety of Roblox Theme Park offerings as we continue to celebrate the community’s 15th anniversary. And now live with tonight’s Roblox Theme Park experience as our host. Joe and Bell.

What is it all? Welcome back to another episode here on RTPR, more importantly. Roblox Theme Park Overview. My name is Joe, and I am here at Universal Studios, Voprox, trying out this face cam thing. But we’re going to take a look at the new update that just dropped about two days ago, and we’re going to check this out. Things that were updated, there was a layer of the Roblox Theme Park, and then some little nuances. 

Here’s the first big nuance: my little churros, I guess, are still here; my little dinosaurs are still here. This first big update was a refresh here of the E or the main Universal Plaza. Now, a big, nice exterior on Summer Bay. which is one of the hotels. The parking is still here; the transportation center is still here. The big globe. Then an update here to the Universal Roblox dressade, originally to the original version of Universal. No more here of those little buildings that you can do the, where was it? Questions and guest relations. It’s now nice, clean, nice and fresh. They’re on this side now. Okay. So on this side is a little ticket area. The ticket booths and everything like where you can get various backstage stuff.

Universal Studio in Roblox | Introduction to Roblox Theme Park Overview

Roblox Theme Park Overview

Roblox theme parks are user-created virtual amusement parks built within the Roblox platform. These parks offer a wide range of attractions and experiences, often inspired by real-world theme parks or popular franchises.
Thrill rides: Roller coasters, water rides, carousels, Ferris wheels, and other thrill rides.
Shows and Entertainment: Live performances, character meet and greets, parades, and other shows.
Themed Areas: Immersive lands inspired by different themes, such as fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, or popular franchises.
Interactive Experiences: Games, quests, scavenger hunts, and other activities to engage players.
Customization: Some parks allow players to customize their avatars with themed clothing and accessories.

Roblox Theme Park Overview

Popular Roblox Theme Parks

Universal Roblox Theme Park: Inspired by Universal Studios, this park features attractions based on Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and other popular franchises.
Theme Park Tycoon 2: Players can create and manage their own theme attractions park, designing rides and managing finances.
Theme Park: A nostalgic recreation of the classic Roblox Point theme park with updated graphics and new attractions.
Theme Park Blox World: A large park with a variety of rides, shows, and themed areas.

Popular Roblox Theme Parks:

Why Visit Roblox Theme Parks?

Free and Accessible: Roblox theme parks are free to play, so anyone can enjoy them.
Creative and Diverse: The creativity of Roblox builders shines through in the diverse range of theme parks available.
Social Experience: Many parks allow you to interact with other players, adding a social element.
Nostalgic Fun: Some parks recreate classic Roblox experiences, offering a dose of nostalgia for long-time players.

How to Find Roblox Theme Parks?

Search: Use the Roblox search bar to find theme parks by name or by searching for keywords like theme park, amusement park, or specific franchises.
Explore: Browse the Games section of Roblox and look for popular theme park games.
Recommendations: Ask other Roblox players for their favourite theme park recommendations.
So dive in and start exploring the vast and imaginative world of Roblox amusement parks.

How do You Make a Universal Studios 3D Roblox World?

To make a Universal Studios 3D Roblox world, you would:
Plan Your Park: Choose a Universal theme or location (e.g., Islands of Adventure, Hollywood), sketch a layout, and list attractions.
Build in Roblox Studio: Use Roblox Studio’s tools and 3D models to construct rides, buildings, and landscaping. Get creative with custom designs.
Add Details: Include Universal branding, character statues, themed music, and interactive elements to enhance the experience.
Script Functionality: Use Roblox’s scripting language (Lua) to program rides, games, and other interactive features.
Test and Polish: Play through your park to identify and fix any glitches or issues. Gather feedback from others to improve.
Share with the Community: Publish your creation on Roblox for others to enjoy.

How do you make a Universal Studios 3d Roblox world?

Universal Studios Voprox Update Overview

As we walk on into, they’re still celebrating Halloween. The first thing, of course, still here is the Tribute Store. I think it says, what is coming? Oh, no. A new ride coming to Buweb Aventures. Check out their Twitter for the Tribute Store now in Halloween decor. On the other side, the Epic Movie Ride, which Belle and I did. We did two. I guess a reaction to Epic Movie Ride. 

The first one was when it was originally supposed to come out. We did a live stream talking about Belle and his entire history with W my Demand, and then we did a second actual article on the ride itself. 

We checked those out. But no more can we go to this side now. Now it’s Hitting away; stage one is getting away. Stage two on this side. Not for the Main Street-like environment. So if we go down here to Main Street. or I think they called it Hollywood Boulevard or Universal Boulevard. I think it was. We have a bunch of different things here. We still have the Club New Lads. We still have the store. We still have the cafe here. But again, Mel’s Cafe.

Universal Studios Voprox Update Overview

Exploring Main Street and Hollywood Boulevard

But again, it’s more Disney-ish involving everything. There’s a new coaster. It was originally Gamma Maze. Now I think it’s a new one. Comic Book Block, which is the new scene coming in. But we’ll start here on the right side because this side has been updated. Yes, it is the updated London area. We have King’s Cross for the Wizarding Village, which I believe is updating. I believe that the rule was that they were going to update it. But this was where New York was the New York to London area. 

Now, they switched New York and London around. Which I like. I like this middle. It’s much more of a cross now, a cross between the main boulevard into this area here. Nice little fountain. It all looks nice. I like going underneath the bridge now. As we enter the great state of New York. Where there’s a barrier to attracting and seeing Central Roblox Theme Park, which I believe could be a future area, Timeracers. That’s back to the future. That might be the back-to-the-future ride, maybe in the future. That’d be amazing when they brought back Time Races.

Exploring Main Street and Hollywood Boulevard

Touring the Updated London Area

But then you have Revenge of the Money. We did an episode a long time ago. We’re going to do another one on it because I heard that they redid it with a whole new story. We’re going to do a future episode. It’ll be myself and Belle or just myself. But in the future, I will look for that. We have Curious Racing which we did over at our TPR. We did this, and then we automatically did Bucket Roller Coaster. Because both are very similar in their own right. We have Curious Racing here still attraction. I like it. 

There’s also Doc’s garage, which is cool because, finally, Furious Racing has something similar, and the groove as well. It’s very New York style. You still see the giant poster and everything. I do like the kinetic energy that Universal does well. A lot of the kinetic energy is on that side, the new land, having a lot and a lot of kinetic energy, which we’ll get to. Those were the two big things, changes here for this right side that we head into the back of the Roblox Theme Park. I do love the little icons showing you what’s to come, but what land you’re heading to.

Touring the Updated London Area

Discovering Lipper Revengers and Jurassic Coast

We’ve already grasped them, which I think from the update didn’t make a whole lot of changes. We have Lipper Revengers here, which we did an article on. It was very good. I don’t believe there were any major changes to this area. Here’s Jurassic Coast. I think they cleaned the path a little bit. Now, it’s a very straight path. We’re not ducking in and out of areas, so it’s a much more straight path. Here’s all the way. The Zello Lagoon, the Megalodon, the side of the entire football camp. I love that, the Megalodon. It’s a cool little area. 

Look at that. See, The comic Book land is, wow. The comic book block is huge. Okay, we’re going to go over there in a minute. Of course, we have Durace, a toaster. We did an article on that. We did a tour of the entire Discovery Center, which had cabin explorers who had heresy drops, which was fun. Becoming a cat. No, I don’t want to do that. You could choose your Raptor. I already have my Raptor, but I think I’m good with Raptor. That’s a volcano. I think I’m good with the Raptors, unfortunately.

Exploring Discovery Center and Velocity Coast

We’ll keep coming down this way. There’s a dinosaur. There’s Velocity Coast in the background, along with… What is it? The river, I’m sure. That’ll be like a little area here, which is pretty cool. Each surf zone. I think about it now and again. A float will a vehicle come by and do a thing, which I thought was pretty cool. All right. As we get out of Jurassic Kingdom, we now enter World Expo, which is the new… 

This whole left side is all new, with some distinct attractions, and then others are new. We’re at the World Expo. I like this, the little Saturn, which is cool. I think this might be from all the different logos. But we have the gear, which is like a little Men in Black shop, which is cool. Do you remember? We hope not that that’s anyone in the Galaxy. 

They’re very cool. There are also little popcorn buckets. Which is cool. Souvenir popcorn buckets. Very cool. There’s an Alien Attack. The big attraction here, obviously, is Alien Attack, which, again, we did an article on. I think we’ve done almost every single one, besides the new Revenger: The Mummies and the new web adventures that are supposed to come out.

Delving into World Expo and Alien Attack

We’ve done an article for every single universal attraction, It’s very cool. This attraction is the Astral Orbiter. No, I don’t remember what they call this attraction. They called this attraction… I don’t know. I don’t know what they call this.

Let me see if I could find the name of this attraction. To be on this time, maybe. Astro will. Yeah, it’s just after order in a nutshell. 97. Wow, there’s already a 97 on it. Someone’s just going on and off, on and off. We have Station 221 Cargo and Detroit Depot, which look a lot like this.

How to get a unibux in Universal Studios Roblox?

There isn’t an official Universal Studios Roblox game, so  Unibux isn’t a real currency. Some fan-made Universal-themed games might have their own in-game currency, but it wouldn’t be called Unibux. If you’re playing a fan-made game, check its instructions or community to learn how to earn their specific currency.

What is the photo code in Roblox Universal Studios?

There is no official Universal Studios Roblox game, so there wouldn’t be any specific photo codes for it. Suppose you’re playing a fan-made Universal-themed game. It might have its own photo codes, which you could find by checking the game’s description, community pages, or social media.

When did Universal Studios Roblox open?

While there’s no official Universal Studios game on Roblox, fan-made Universal-themed parks have been around for a while. One of the most popular ones, Universal Roblox Theme Park, was created in 2016. Others have been made since then, so you can find plenty of Universal-inspired experiences to explore in Roblox.

Does Universal officially create these Universal Studios theme parks?

No, these are fan-made creations built by Roblox users using Roblox Studio. They are not officially affiliated with Universal Studios.

What kind of attractions can I find in these Roblox theme parks?

You can find a variety of attractions inspired by popular Universal movies and franchises, such as Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Despicable Me, and more. Expect rides, shows, interactive experiences, and themed areas.

How do I find these Universal Studios theme parks in Roblox? 

You can find them by searching for  Universal Studios or related terms within the Roblox platform. Popular options include Universal Roblox Theme Park and Universal Studios Roblox Theme Park.

Do I need to pay Robux to play in these theme parks? 

Most fan-made Universal Studios theme parks in Roblox are free to play. However, there are some in-game purchases for virtual items or additional features. 

Can I create my own Universal Studios-themed park in Roblox? 

Roblox Studio provides the tools and resources to build your own 3D worlds and attractions. Unleash your imagination and craft a unique adventure at Universal Studios.


Universal Studios in Roblox offers a unique and accessible way to experience the thrills and magic of theme parks from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Universal movies or simply seeking a fun and creative adventure, these user-generated parks are a testament to the boundless possibilities of Roblox Studio. Dive in and discover a whole new world of entertainment waiting to be explored.     

These Roblox theme parks are more than just virtual recreations of Universal Studios. They’re a celebration of community creativity and passion. Every meticulously crafted detail shows the dedication and ingenuity of Roblox builders. If you are studying for an example of what you want within Roblox. While nothing can fully replace the exhilaration of visiting a real Universal Studios park, these Roblox recreations offer a tantalizing taste of the magic. 

They’re proof of the appeal of Universal’s iconic attractions and characters. So why not step into Roblox and embark on a virtual adventure? You might just be shocked by what you discover.

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