Roblox Premium: Unveiling the Advantages of Roblox Premium

Roblox Premium is a paid membership that avails its users of different game rewards to indulge players. Do you know what a Roblox premium membership is and how to get a Roblox subscription? How to use it? I know these queries will definitely come to your mind and here I am to give clarified answers to your questions.

In 2019 Roblox altered the memberships. This is known as Roblox premium which is unique from the former one. All Roblux premium memberships have different inventory which includes exclusive and ordinary game items. For example, you can get wonderful game aviators, item skins and other special materials at a discount. You can also reach out to the real Roblox site to get a Roblox membership.

What is roblox Premium

What is Roblox Premium

Although Roblox is free to play games like other non-paid games that provide a subscription to get game goodies, Roblux has an item subscription. By owning this subscription you are blessed with different rewards including Robux. The game subscriptions and memberships are updated every month by Robux. These Robux prices are updated every month. You can renew your subscription and maintain membership each month but you would have to cancel previous memberships and subscriptions.

Roblox Premium

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Monthly Premium Plans

The three Roblox monthly premium plans are listed below. Each has a different Roblox premium cost.

  • Premium 450 costs $4.99 per month
  • Premium 1000 costs $9.99 per month
  • Premium 2200 costs $19.99 per month

Roblux premium subscriptions get renewed automatically every month. People who want to choose a specific subscription cancel out the previous one in pursuit of attaining a new Roblox Membership subscription.

The prices are not more different for the different tiers than the Robux including different plans. Some of these subscriptions also have discounts.

Roblox Premium Monthly Plans

Purchase Screen

To acquire a screen on the Roblox premium you have to pay charges to get this screen subscription. There are different screen types for every sort of game. A number of games are fixed on each particular screen. And it is totally up to you what kind of screen you want to opt for. On preferences, you would select more advantageous subscriptions or game packages.

Roblox Premium Benefits

Each Roblox premium has a different pack of items. Each premium contains different surprising benefits. There is a 10% discount on a peculiar type of Roblox premium while other different premiums and subscriptions contain different discount packages. More items become unlocked or special items are unveiled in Roblox premium. Even though each premium has perks it definitely has benefits too.

Roblox Premium Benefits

What does Roblox Premium Do

Roblox Premium is a paid facility that avails you of in-game reward items. The players will be bestowed with a certain amount of Robux on subscribing  monthly package along with the following privileges;

  • 10% bonus robux from each Robux obtained from the store. 
  • Exchange previous in-game items to get extra Robux
  • Freed the potential to bargain with other members
  • Acquire an approach to special store avatar items and discounts.

These are Roblox Robux features that players obtain after getting a Roblox premium membership.

Roblux Stipend Comparison between Premium and BC

The Roblox Robux prices are different for different subscriptions and different membership plans. The comparison of Roblox stipend between premium and BC is given in the following table form:

 Rank  Premium
  (For 12 Months)
Builders Club
(For 12 mon)
2 12,0002,775-775
Roblox Premium

Roblox Premium Subscription Plans & Cost

The three discrete schemes are sealed in premium subscriptions each of which is restarted and gives us a particular amount of roblox along with items inside it.

Here we have the costs of each Premium membership plan. The Roblox Premium robux prices vary as given below:

  • Premium Plan 450 costs $4.99 which means 450 robux every month
  • Premium Plan 1000 costs $9.99 which means 1000 robux every month
  • Premium Plan 2250 costs $19.99 which means 2250 robux every month
Roblox Premium Subscription Plans & Cost

How to get Roblox Premium

The premium model can be obtained by moving to the official website and logging into your account. Then follow the following steps 

  • Click on the ‘Get Premium’ Button. This will open up the web of plans section.
  • Select either one of three options and pop on the Subscribe Now Button.
  • Choose the sort of payment you want to make.
  • And if you want to take a break from your monthly subscription and cancel the payment.

Your Premium Membership

Roblox membership ranges from lower prices to higher ones. Its premiership depends upon the subscription that you want to purchase. There are accounts of these gaming memberships. The accounts that have richer inventory are costly accounts. If you have roblox accounts you can have shirts and other available features. But if you don’t possess an account you have to pay for a shirt. On the other hand, if you own any, you can put on shirts and other features on your gaming layout.

Premium Membership


You have to pay even a little for wonderful things. Roblox though has free gameplay but you have to pay for its membership to have better and more thrilling gameplay. Roblox Premium offers different robux per game or per month. It totally depends on your affordability. The dearer account you gain more items you will have.

You can subscribe to membership of your desire. If you want to equip your lavish game you have to buy more Robux premium memberships so that you will be able to unlock fabulous things like game avatars and other material skins.

Premium Features of Roblox

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, definitely you can get 1000 Robux when you get a 1000 Roblox Premium membership.

You can get different reliable Roblox memberships from different Roblox premium.ERoblox Premium gives you discounts on different items.

Yes, you can have 450 Robux per month instantly if you don’t cancel your premium subscription.

you can earn Robux through Roblox Premium assembling 2200 Robux per month with a 2200 premium.

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