How To Change Your Name In Roblox

Fixing your name on any game is the first dreamy move for any user, and everyone wants to make it worth considering and memorable. When you create an account on Roblox, you provide personal details to accomplish the process. You have to put your name on the preface of your account, which is the digital identity. 

Roblox is a massively growing gaming platform where different players collude with each other to create a gaming arena. Roblox offers unique features to players to mold the gameplay according to their spirit. You can buy different accessories from Roblox by spending Robux(gaming currency). In addition, you can change your name by utilizing Robux. In this article, I will go through the important steps through which you can change your name on Roblox.

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Brief Overview of Roblox

Roblox is a multi-dimensional gaming platform where you can interact with your friends while having adventurous gameplay. It is a virtual gaming arena that offers you a variety of creative games. It amuses people of all ages, from young to adults, for its engaging gameplay. You can create your own game, accessory, gaming discovery, and name in the games. Roblox is one of the most flourishing gaming platforms, with millions of active users. Roblox is well known for its creative and interactive gameplay. 

What Is The Display Name In Games?

Display names are your identification marks that other users recognize when interacting with game users. It is an integral part of your display. It would help to have a unique and interesting name that shows your inclination.

What is the display name in games Roblox

Significance Of Display Names

The display name is crucial to your game activity and your profile upbringing. The importance of setting display names lies in the fact that it is the way of identifying your profile. When you engage with your friends, your display name will act as your identity. Your display name should represent your interest and creativity. It must be funny or interesting, such as Lightening Beast or Shooting Hulk. Your name will show your reflection of who you are in the game.

Penalty For Setting Inappropriate Name

If you deliberately set some unpleasant display name, you face the music. Yes, Roblox has special filters to check the display name. Your account will be banned eventually if you set some name that shows taboo or offensive language. Roblox has strict guidelines against bullying or harassment, and they do not allow any display of a name that is against the terms and rules of the Roblox Community.

How To Change Your Name in Roblox?

Roblox is a creative gaming platform, and one of its novel features is its ability to create an account and then customize it. It includes putting out your display name, profile picture, and bio. Your profile is the digital identification of yourself. Having a unique and catching name is important as you will be recognized by your fellow users by your display names.

If you want to innovate your profile and have a new and engaging display name, then add your name to Roblox. In a Roblox, changing to a username costs you 1,000 Robux, which is around $15. You can change your name on Roblox without much strain. It is easy, and it involves the following steps.

Penalty for setting inappropriate name in Roblox

Step 1: Log In To Your Account

  • Move to the official Roblox website ( and enter your account by entering your username and password.
  • If you are not logged in to your account, ensure you put the correct credentials or details in it. If you do not remember the password, then click on the forgotten password and follow the lead.
  • If you do not have an account, hit the sign-up button, enter your complete information, including your age and birthday, and set your new username and password. Gender info is optional.
Log in to your account for Roblox

Step 2: Sail To The Settings Menu

  • Once you manage to log in, move to the settings menu.
  • It can be accompanied by hitting the gear icon on the upper right corner of the screen and then selecting settings from the bottom menu. This is done on the window.
  • If you use the Roblox app on Android or iPhone, tap the three-dot icon instead to reach the settings.
  • You can select the account and privacy settings in the settings menu.
Sail to the settings menu Roblox

Step 3: Seek The Display Name Option

  • Once in the settings menu, it would help if you found the display name option under the account info tab. Select account info> Display name.
  • You must know that this display name option is available in different locations on different devices.
Seek the Display Name Option Roblox

Step 4: Lodge Your New Display Name

  • Once you have found the display option, enter your new desired display name.
  • You might find a pencil or edit icon to rename or edit your display name.
  • You can write any name of your liking, but make sure it is not already present.
  • You can also add digits, symbols, and other marks to your name to make it unique and different.
  • Remember, your display name can be changed once a week, so be vigilant +
    in editing or entering your name.
  • You can add 20 letter names, including all digits, underscores, and other marks, as Roblox has a 20-word limit for display names.
Lodge your new display name roblox

Step 5: Save the Changes

  • Once you enter your name, you have to save the changes.
  • It will be done by hitting the icon of save changes or update.
  • Ensure your name has been typed or updated successfully by double-checking the process to avoid any loopholes.
  • Your new name will be displayed on your profile and in-game once you have updated the changes.
Save the Changes in Roblox games

Step 6: Confirm Your New Display Name

  • Once you have saved the changes, you need to verify your name.
  • It will be done by clicking the verification button on the email or sending the verification code to your mobile phone.
  • It ensures that the owner is making changes, not someone else.
  • Once you have verified the changes, you can enjoy your new name.
  • This step may be skipped depending on the updates of Roblox and the device on which changes are being made.
Confirm Your new display name roblox

Step 7: Show Off Your New Name

  • After verifying changes to form a new name, you can boost your new name on the platform.
  • This name will be visible on your Roblox profile, and your friends will see it. You can share it with your friends so they can easily recognize you.
Show off your new name roblox

How My Display Name Be?

Remember to take the following measures before placing your new name in the profile:

Make It Distinctive

Try to come up with a name that should be quirky and charming. It must be solely enjoyable. It will help in your quick identification by other players. Easy to spell and read.

Use simple language while entering your name. Do not use complex elements in the name. Otherwise, it will make it harder for others to remember your name. 

Make It Acceptable 

Make sure your name is appropriate and should not include any obnoxious language. It should not violate the guidelines of the Roblox community. 

Make It Personal

Your display name should be such that it shows your interest and inclination about your personality. It helps others to connect with you. 

Be Aware Of Your Audience.

Be mindful that Roblox appeals to people of all ages, so your display name should reflect mutual interests and be appropriate for everyone. 

How my display name should be Roblox


Can you change your name more than once at a time?

You can only change your name once in a week. You must change your name after 1 week.

Can you change your name on Roblox for free?

You have to pay to change your name in Roblox. It will cost 1000 Robux(almost$15) to change your name.


Changing your name on Roblox is an easy process that involves a few steps. Following the steps mentioned in this article, you can easily change your display name and make your profile name personal and nostalgic. Remember to keep your name unique, appropriate, reflective, and fluent. And always be aware of your audience.




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